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Corrugated carton: also known as cardboard boxes are widely used for packaging and shipping various products. They are made from a combination of linerboard and corrugated medium, which provides strength, durability, and cushioning properties. The specifications and printability quality of corrugated cartons are important factors to consider when designing and producing them.

Size and Style: Corrugated cartons come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different products and shipping requirements. The dimensions of the box, including length, width, and height, are specified to ensure it can hold the intended contents securely.

Board Strength: The strength of corrugated cartons is determined by the type and thickness of the linerboard and corrugated medium used. The most common types of linerboard are single-faced (one layer of linerboard) and double-faced (two layers of linerboard with corrugated medium in between). The thickness of the material is specified based on the weight and fragility of the products being packaged.

Bursting Strength: The bursting strength refers to the ability of the carton to withstand pressure or weight without bursting or breaking. It is measured in pounds per square inch (psi) and is an important factor, especially for heavy or dense products.

Edge Crush Test (ECT): The ECT is a measure of the compressive strength of the carton’s vertical edges. It determines the resistance of the box to crushing when stacked. The ECT value is expressed in pounds per inch (lb/in) and helps determine the stacking strength of the carton.

Printability Quality: Corrugated cartons can be printed with various designs, logos, and product information. The printability quality refers to how well the carton accepts and displays printed graphics. Factors that affect printability include the smoothness and finish of the linerboard surface, ink absorption properties, and the quality of printing techniques used.

Environmental Considerations: With increasing focus on sustainability, corrugated cartons are often manufactured from recycled materials and designed to be recyclable. The use of eco-friendly inks and adhesives is encouraged to minimize environmental impact.


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