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Cardboard edge protectors

Cardboard edge protectors, also known as corner protectors or edge boards, are protective packaging materials used to reinforce and safeguard the edges of various products during transportation, handling, and storage. They are typically made from sturdy and rigid cardboard or paperboard materials.

The primary purpose of cardboard edge protectors is to prevent damage to vulnerable edges and corners of items such as palletized goods, furniture, appliances, glass panels, and other fragile or delicate products. By providing additional support and stability, they help reduce the risk of impact, compression, and abrasion that can occur during shipping and handling.
Cardboard edge protectors are available in various sizes, lengths, and thicknesses to accommodate different product dimensions and packaging requirements.
Benefits of using cardboard edge protectors include:
1. Protection
2. Stability
3. Load Distribution
4. Stackability
5. Versatility
6. Eco-Friendly


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